About the owner, William H. "Scruffy" Harrison

Growing up in the suburbs of Washington D.C., during the 60's and 70's, I was
exposed to just about every kind of music around. My Mom played Piano, and my
Dad was a Graphic Artist by trade, and an accomplished painter/illustrator.

Apparently, the Media Arts were a very influential part of my life. As a child I
Remember taping on the table with my hands and fingers, and playing piano notes
while my parents listened to their records. By the time I was 3 they gave me my
first guitar. It was a plastic red and white toy from Sears, but it had real nylon
strings, and with my dad's help, and influence from his Chet Atkins records, I
learned how to play it.

My Dad, "Butch" Harrison worked with a few graphic artists that
were also musicians, a few members of "The Country Gentlemen" later to be called
"The Seldom Scene". I got to know the band, their music and would also go with
my Dad to the Cellar Door, to see them play.

By the time I was 9, I was playing in garage bands with my friends, and their
older brothers. Nothing serious, just jamming to Grand Funk Railroad, Yes, and
Led Zeppelin. As a Christmas gift around 1970, I was given a Sears Cassette Recorder,
and now we could record our jam sessions. This is the time frame, when I got serious
about electronics, and sound. Between 1972 and 1975 I played in and out of different
bands, but had a hard time playing in front of an audience. I had a type of "stage fright"
so I faded back to behind the stage, and started working the PA and Recording rehearsals
and Live Shows, with my TEAC 4 Track machine, and later my TASCAM 8 Track. I still played
the Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Piano, but only in the Studio.

In 1975 a friend and I got together to put on a Haunted House for our community, and
we became founding members of the Laurel 4th of July Committee, in Laurel MD.
I worked as a supporting member until 1988, providing Staging, Recording, and PA Systems
for events thru out the year.
In 1977 myself and a few partners started American Airplay Studios in Lanham, MD.
In 1981 I became one of the original staff members of OMEGA Recording Studios in Kensington, MD
later to be moved and built into a World Class Studio complex in Rockville, MD.
In 1982, I was getting tired of lugging PA and Recording Gear all over the place, and decided
to put it all in a Truck (Less the PA Cabinets), and started Wizard Works Studios.

WWS Truck 1 was a 14' Box with a Control Room only. This was used for Recording, and Live
Mixing at Venues, Houses, Studios, and even inside Laurel Center Mall. That Truck was
dismantled and sold in 1990.

WWS Truck 2, is the current Vehicle, with a Control Room, and 8' X 10' Studio.

Live, Recording and Production Credits

Since 1972, I have worked with the following clients,
in various capacities as Engineer, Engineer/Producer,
Assistant Engineer, FOH Engineer, Monitor Engineer,
Technical Support Engineer, Design Engineer,
or Co-Writer/Producer-Director/Engineer.

Adelphi MASH, Precious Metal, Red Line, Frankie and the Actions, Nantucket,
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Straight Forward, One Face, Bill Haley’s Comets,
Dubbie Brody / Journey of the Lion, The Hurd, Timm Biery, PJE Big Band, SKYLABS,
Mama Jama, The World Bank,WETA TV, The 1988 Wilmers Park Battle of the Bands,
Brunswick Corporation, Frontliners, Bill Deal and the Rhondells, Omar, Carly Simon,
Bernie Taupin, David Cline, REM, Danny Jo Brown, John Jennings, St. Marks COD, Les George,
Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul and Mary, Subway, 2 Live Crew, Poison Whiskey, Billy Rodgers,
TJ Max, Diana Ross, Debbie Allen, Robert Freeman, Avery Brooks, Doug Perry, Jack King,
Joan Jett, Fancy, Marvin Hamlish, Paul Christianson, Michael Peters, Agent Zero,
BMW, Mol Dyer, Midnight Rider, Little Anthony and the Imperials, OMEGA Studios, PBS TV,
The Stardells, Transmedia Music, The 1987 Wash D.C. Reggae Fest, Mary Chapin Carpenter,
Bill Reid, The Rev. Nelson Turner Choir, The US Army Volunteers, Tabby Crabb, The MET,
Demetri and the Flashbacks, The Washington Redskins, Elton John, Jeffery Osborne, Glad,
George King, Shiela E, Robbie Macruder, Semesi, The National Geographic Society, RUSH,
Judith Jamison, Lisa and Wendy, The City of Laurel MD, Stevie Wonder, Nell Carter,
The Pointer Sisters, Bill Danoff, Buckwheat Zydaco, The Capital Steps, Stubby Kaye, JJ,
Eddie Murphy, IKEA, Armory Monday, The Lettermen, Rampant, Krackken, Exodus, The Turtles,
Retrospect, Papa Biggs, The Hubcaps, Damsel, Jump Start, ABC TV, Nyte Flyte, Krank Kall,
Rick Lofton, Ted Britt Ford, Columbia Pictures, Nils Lofgren, METRO, Prince, NBC News,
Marty Passetta, Quincy Jones, Jon Carroll, Sony Pictures, Leroy Reems, Amy Grant, Ed Green,
Mike Aldridge (of The Seldom Scene), The DC Allstars, The US Airforce Airmen of Note,
The US Coast Guard, SAFEWAY, Shirley Jones, Deanna Bogart, Gregory Hines, Liz Taylor,
Reflection, I'll Works, and more.....

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